Monday, August 13, 2012

today I learned {ok, technically yesterday}

So, if you know me..
.#1:  you are one LUCKY DUCKY.


But not only THAT.
#2:You also know that I do a "today I learned".

These are random little things that I take in all day and decide that they teach me a little something. Something that maybe if I wasn't paying extra super de duper attention I may over look.
Sometimes they are things that are pretty "captain obvious" if you know what I mean... but other times they are just plain EYE opening things that make me go Hmmmm....

So, to keep you waiting NO more, I shall write my very first "today I learned" post on the DYNAMIC life of Trisha Love blog: {that was just birthed and hopefully will be something that you find extra de duper fantasical and you will become a follower of RIGHT now}

{by the time you read this it will actually be yesterday, but lets just play pretend}

today I learned...
  • Laying in bed with a towel wrapped around your neck, because you have a really bad KINK {that has lasted for days} is handy and convenient because when you try to drink a sip of coffee from you new Starbucks tumbler while laying down, you have a towel to wipe your face when it is spilling down your face. GENIUS!
  • Ibuprofen is a drug that only a mom can appreciate. Yes, you know we all have it in the 911 kit for children because it comes in chewable bubble gum flavor for kids, and adults can technically take 3 or 4 {or 6} without dying. If Ibuprofen was never invented I probably would only have 1 kid and get a sex change once a month.
  • Mexican food is the bomb, and where else can you order a plate of super nachos that feeds 3 kids for $6.99 and a Cadillac margarita for the mom that has a super bad kink in her neck and needs to relax a bit.
  • My husband has officially given up on me making dinner this month.
  • 5 years=60 months. and that is not very long at all.
  • The Olympics are over. {never watched more than 5 min. of them}
  • and the new VP pick for Mitt Romney supposedly had a smokin' hot 6 pack under that button down. WHO knew? {TMZ reported, seriously what would the world do without TMZ?} I hate to admit Im totally shallow, but I can't help vote for Sexy to come to the white house! Imagine that hot bod running without his shirt off!? Just sayin'....
and that my friends is what I learned today:) Come back for more! :)

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